Mathias Eichler

I'm a German designer and art director.
I run trails and climb mountains.

Author of Summit Book 2016.

You can find my writing on The Outdoor Society. This online outdoor magazine is designed and developed by me.

Recently I joined forces with cloudPWR as a Senior Systems Engineer and Creative Director and I oversee the design of our product AIRLIFT.

Einmaleins, is my design studio and creative consultancy.


Be an inspiration.

Work Experience

cloudPWR | January 2013 - Present
Einmaleins Inc. | November 2006 - Present
Starbucks | January 2001 - August 2007
ONE Welt | January 1998 - December 2000

Places I've lived

Olympia, WA | USA
Seattle, WA | USA
Cape Town | South Africa
Johannesburg | South Africa
München | Germany
Rutesheim | Germany

Contact Information

  mathias @ einmaleins dot co
  Einmaleins, my portfolio
  LiveLifeloud - a blog, in hibernation

  @mathiaseichler on Twitter


  The Outdoor Society - a publishing house.


This is a personal status update for my life. It is for 2014 and I want to make it available to you.
I hope to start a dialogue, want to inspire and encourage. Perhaps even challenge you.


I never cared to run. Then I vowed to not ever race.
Now I'm tracking my races, write race reports and am adding more each year. So much for sticking to my goals.

Calendar & Reports

Squamish 50 50km & 8,500ft. n/a Squamish, BC 08/16
Beast of Big Creek 21+km & 5,000ft. n/a Hoodsport, WA 08/16
Capitol Peak 25k 25km & 2,500ft. 3:26 Olympia, WA 04/16
Mountain Marathon 42+km & 6,687ft. 6:15 Olympia, WA 03/16
Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass 25km & 2,500ft. 3:33 Olympia, WA 01/16
Beast of Big Creek 21+km & 5,000ft. 3:57 Hoodsport, WA 08/15
Hillbilly Half 21km & 3,500ft. 2:18 Olympia, WA 03/15